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Stolen Ring Doorbells

Nowadays smart home security technology is gaining great popularity and many homeowners have turned to smart video doorbell devices like the Ring doorbell. 

This amazing device offers convenience and a significant sense of control over who’s visiting your home but recently there were concerning reports on a new trend of stealing Ring doorbells.

The theft of these devices has become a growing issue leaving homeowners feeling vulnerable. Ring doorbells which are designed to improve home security ironically became a target themselves. Thieves are fiercely removing them sometimes even in broad daylight.

When a Ring doorbell gets stolen it makes homeowners feel vulnerable and worry about their security and it is a reminder that thieves are able to bypass even advanced security measure like the Ring doorbell.

How do I prevent my Ring doorbell from being stolen?

First you need to understand that a single security device is not enough to protect your home and only with multi layer protection you can achieve better results. 

Install additional security measures like motion detected lights and a concealed Wi-Fi camera to complete your system.

Make sure your Ring doorbell is securely installed by using tamper resistant screws and add a protective transparent cover to make it more difficult for thieves to remove.

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