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3 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Able To Open Your Car Door

There are situations when you try to open your car and just can’t do it Even though you have the key something is going wrong and you find yourself locked out. Let’s explore 3 reasons that could be causing this inconvenience.

Damaged Car Lock

If your car door lock isn’t working right it could be because of its old age or maybe someone tried to mess with it but sometimes even bad weather can make it go wrong. 

Internal parts might get rusty or not line up properly making it hard to open your car. Even a small problem like build up dust inside the lock mechanism can stop your the lock from working, leaving you stuck outside your own car.

Damaged Car Keys

Over time your car key can get worn out which might mess up how it works. If the little cuts and grooves get damaged it might wont work and if you try to force it it might break inside the lock. Also if the key is bent you wont be able to operate the lock and again you’re risking in breaking it.

Electrical Issues

These days most cars have an electronic door lock system and a possible reason why you can’t open the doors might be because of en electrical problem like burned fuses or damaged electrical wires. 

This could happen if something went wrong with the car electrical system and when the door lock actuators aren’t working right.

What to Do if The Inside of Your Car Door is Stuck?

If your car door won’t open from the inside you should check for any broken parts especially within the lock mechanism and if you can’t identify the problem it is recommended to get a mechanic to look at it and while he’s checking the door he can easily spot any kind of electrical issues as well.

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