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How To Improve Your Front Door Security?

Your house is a space where you should feel completely secure and that’s why it’s very important to make sure that your home security is strong and unshakable. 

The first line of defense is your main entrance door and it can either be a weak point or a strong protector. To improve the security of your home we recommend on these 4 simple tips.

Invest in a solid core door

If you will check the interior doors inside your house you will find that they are hollow, however when it comes to exterior doors it could pose a big safety risk. To improve your home security it’s advisable to install solid core wooden doors or hollow doors that were reinforced with metal bars inside of them.

Install high security deadbolt lock

If your front door only has a handle lock you are in a great risk of being an easy target for a break-in. You can easily improve the security by adding a deadbolt lock. If your door already has a deadbolt lock installed it’s worth considering to upgrade it to an advanced high security lock that has an anti pick and anti bump features like MEDECO or MUL-T-LOCK. For an extra layer of security you can install 2 deadbolts.

Monitor your door

Discourage thieves by making sure that your entrance is monitored. Set up a wide angle peephole and install a video doorbell like Ring doorbell that alerts you when someone is approaching your door. 

Also installing a CCTV camera near your entrance will help you identify if anyone is trying to enter your home while you’re a way. 

These measures can discourage any thief from even trying to break in as they will realize that they are being recorded.

Keep well lit surroundings

It’s important to make sure your front door and the area around it are well lit. This can really discourage any intruder, also when your entryway is well illuminated it makes your coming back home safe and secure.

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