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What Happens If The Ignition Switch Goes Bad?

Are you having trouble starting your car? It might be the ignition! Normally when you turn your key in the ignition it’s supposed to start your car but sometimes it just ain’t working and probably there is an issue with the ignition!

Identify the Problem

If you’re having trouble turning your key inside the ignition it might be either the steering wheel lock or the ignition itself and to identify which one try to move the steering wheel quickly right to left in short movements while attempting to turn the key. 

If you manage to start the car there is nothing wrong with your ignition but if it’s not the steering wheel lock it’s about time to replace the ignition.

In ѕоmе cases, рuѕhing thе kеу whilе turning it аrоund саn hеlр fix thе problem

Key Issue

Sometimes when inserting the key into the ignition it feels too easy and when trying to start the car your engine suddenly shuts down it might be a problem with how the key and the ignition are connected. 

The reason could be that you didn’t insert the key right or not enough in because of broken parts inside. Pushing the key strongly deeper in the ignition might just help you start the car but it is best to replace the ignition with a new one and get new keys as well.

Car Dosn't Start

Silent Motor Starter

It is also possible to detect problems with the ignition by listening for the noise produced by the motor when you start your car. If you turn the key and there is no sound coming from the motor it could mean that there is a problem with the ignition. 

This lack of sound indicates an issue with the connection between the ignition and the starter motor which can prevent a proper engine startup.

Dash Lights Flickering

While it is not something you often get to see a bad ignition can actually affect the lights on your dashboard. You may notice that the lights flicker on and off rapidly or even go completely dark without warning. 

This can be quite dangerous while driving so it’s important to address this issue immediately to ensure a safe journey.

The Dangers of a Bad Ignition

Ignoring problems with your car ignition can lead to more critical issues as time goes by. When the ignition cuts off power while you’re driving it can affect your ability to safely control your car and on top of that a damaged ignition wires can potentially start a fire. 

Also if the starter circuit already has some corrosion it can cause the engine to overheat posing a risk the car battery and engine.

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